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Insane Cristiano Ronaldo Ad Of New Personal Sponsor Released

Singapore-based e-commerce platform Shopee has signed the Portuguese professional footballer as its newest brand ambassador. Together with the announcement of the singing, Shopee aired its first ad featuring the Portuguese superstar.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a figure who inspires many people and his dedication to the world of football is in line with our commitment to Shopee users,” said Chris Feng, CEO of the e-commerce site.

Cristiano Ronaldo Signs Shopee Ambassador Deal - Weird Ad Released

In the advertisement, Cristiano Ronaldo is seen scoring a goal and performing his trademark celebration in front of a crowd that show no reaction to his heroics. As a surprised Ronaldo looks around to what has gone wrong, the stands are turn orange in a matter of flash and Ronaldo. CR7 opens the app on his mobile to see his own kit turn orange before breaking into a comical dance.

In fact, the dance CR7 is doing is called Shopee dance....

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