Red Adidas Predator Mania 2019 Remake Boots Leaked

Already in January 2019, we leaked that Adidas will release a special Adidas Predator Mania 2002 remake football boot in 209. Now the first pictures of the 2019 Adidas Predator Mania boots has been leaked - they confirm the rumors that the remake will be red.

via @gunt22

Adidas To Release Red? Predator Mania 2002 Remake Boots in 2019

Adidas Predator Mania - Red

This is the red Adidas Predator Mania Red 2019 remake football boot.

Not a new colorway, the Adidas Predator Mania 2019 remake cleats bring back the look of the red Mania that was originally released in 2002. They have a red upper with silver used for applications like the Three Stripes and the iconic rubber elements.

The red / silver Adidas Predator Mania Red 2019 boots have an upper that is actually identical to the OG boot. They feature a full synthetic-leather upper and the Predator Mania's trademark asymmetrical lacing and medial rubber fins.

The sole of the red Adidas Predator Mania remakes is the same as the plate of the modern Adidas Predator 19.

A limited edition release, the red 2019 Adidas Predator Mania soccer boots will retail at a price of around 300 USD. They will be available soon.

CONFIRMED: Adidas To Release Blue Predator Mania 2002 Remake Boots in 2020

In 2020, Adidas will release a blue Predator Mania remake, known as 'Japan Blue'.

Do you like that Adidas brings back the red Predator Mania football boot from 2002? Share your thoughts on the Red / Silver Adidas Predator Mania Red 2019 soccer boots below, and check out the Boot Calendar for all leaks and releases.