What Will Happen With Icardi? Lukaku Gets #9 At Inter

Inter Milan today announced that new signing Romelu Lukaku will get the club's shirt number 9. However, this number was actually not free but occupied by the rebellious striker Mauro Icardi...

Icardi To Be Transfered This Summer

With Inter Milan revoking Icardi the #9 shirt, the club sent a clear signal. After the signing of Romelu Lukaku, there is no place for Icardi in the team anymore.

Icardi's contract only runs until summer 2020. Lukaku, who was signed for 65 million Euro from Manchester United, is the designated successor of Mauro Icardi.

Juventus and Napoli were the last to be interested in the 26-year-old striker. It is still unclear, however, to what extent a transfer could be realized financially. An agreement seems to take some time to negotiate.

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