5 Final Watford FC Logo Options Revealed

Update: Watford FC announced the five shortlisted entries for the new Watford badge. All WFC fans have one vote - the winner goes forward for a head-to-head vote with the current club logo.

Watford FC New Logo - 5 Shortlisted Entries - Winner To Be Voted Against Current Logo

In June 2019, English Premier League club Watford FC announced that they give all fans and designers worldwide the chance to submit a design for the new Watford FC logo to be used from the 2020-2021. Submissions were closed in late July 2019 - now the 20 final designs chosen by a panel of fans have been revealed.

Watford FC New Logo - 20 Final Designs Chosen By Fan Panel

The 20 crests than can be seen above have been selected by Watford FC and a fan panel. They include a wide range of designs and looks that all have one thing in common - the hornet takes a center stage instead of the deer hart, a type of deer included in the official Watford FC logo since 1978 until today.

So, as 20 crests have been selected, what will happen from now?

First, every Watford supporter registered on the club's database will be asked to select the winning design.

Second, the winning design will be put to a vote against the current design, with the winner becoming next season's crest.

Which of these 20 logos do you like the most? Which would you would not like to see becoming the new Watford FC logo? Share your thoughts in the comments below.