All-New Nike Neymar Logo Released

Confirming our exclusive leak, Nike and Neymar revealed the all-new NJR logo. The new Nike Neymar logo was revealed on the redesigned website of Neymar.

PSG and Brazil superstar Neymar will use the new logo on all Nike products from next year - it make its debut for Neymar's first 20-21 collection by Nike.

Nike Neymar 2020 Logo

Albeit based on a similar style as the current design, the new logo is quite revolutionary.

Instead of Neymar's full name, it features just the initials 'NJR' - with the N taking the top row and the JR appearing below it. The font is also completely unlike the one on the original Nike Neymar logo.

The 'NJR' lettering brings the new Neymar Nike logo closer to his previous personal logo, which was introduced in 2012 when he was still playing for Santos. This personal logo is now almost certainly history.

"The logo reads “NJR” for Neymar Junior. The N is composed of the number 11, Neymar’s shirt number in both Santos and the national team. The black and white scheme is also reminiscent of his club, Santos.

The new logo will appear on the next Nike x Neymar collections, including training attire as well as boots, from next summer. It also replaces the personal logo, which is even older than the previous one by Nike.

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