No Hint At Unexpected Third Kit? Ajax Shows Off All-New Customizable Adidas VRCT Jacket

Ajax has worn a very interesting jacket in their Champions League match against Lille last week. Is the jacket a hint at an upcoming Adidas Ajax 2019-2020 third kit? We take a closer look at the jacket...

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Adidas Ajax Jacket Is New Adidas Varsity Jacket With Custom Badges

The jacket worn by Ajax is nothing Adidas specially designed for the Dutch club but the brand-new, heavily promoted Adidas VRCT Jacket. We can already reveal that the only custom element of the jacket is the Ajax crest on the left chest, but a closer look at the jacket is nevertheless interesting.

Adidas VRCT Jacket

The Adidas Varsity (VRCT) jacket is a fresh take on the classic varsity look, The most interesting thing about the jacket is that athletes can add customisable patches on the left chest.

The Adidas VRCT features a customizable patch that invites athletes to show the world who they are. Designed to be worn before and after training, VRCT reworks an iconic design for a classic bomber aesthetic with a sleek, modern fit. Featuring flexible, lightweight material, the jacket offers maximum freedom of movement, while a soft double-knit fabric enables year-round wearability. But it's that customisable patch that stands out here.

Adidas superstars Paulo Dybala, James Harden, Mette Towley, Denise Schindler, Ning Zetao and Stefanos Tsitsipas all created their own patches, each featuring a word that represents their personal story.

The VRCT jacket features a classic adidas ‘A’ team patch that can be interchanged and personalized. Athletes can create their own message, or choose a word selected by some of adidas’ leading creators including NBA MVP James Harden (FAMILY), Paralympic Cyclist Denise Schindler (I’MPERFECT), Artist and dancer Mette Towley (AUTHOR), Juve midfielder Paulo Dybala (SACRIFICE), Champion Swimmer Ning Zetao (BRAVE) and Tennis player Stefanos Tsitipas (BELIEVER).

Dybala opted for the world 'Sacrifice' and explains his decision by saying:

“I chose the word sacrifice mostly because it defined a very important part of my childhood. I think it was fundamental when I was a boy, to sacrifice a lot, which I didn’t realise back then, or perhaps I didn’t see it that way. Beyond the effort and the hard work, which are also important, there were key times in which I had to choose between certain things, and I always chose football.

When I was a boy, I had friends, classmates, and it was the time when young people start going out, clubbing, or to a 15th birthday party, which are big in Argentina – but I always knew my dream was to play football, not really knowing what could happen, if I could make it or not. But, it was what I wanted.

The career of a football player, particularly at this level, requires leaving many things aside. Sometimes I don’t see it as a sacrifice, because it is also a part of my everyday life. Taking a shorter holiday to begin training earlier to reach the pre-season feeling good, to be in good shape for your team, to be fully available and at peak fitness, being careful with meals, doing some extra training, going to bed earlier to recover after a game. These are things which, if you want to make it to the highest levels, you have to sacrifice.

So I’m always grateful and I appreciate everything I get to do, because, honestly, when I was on the other side, all this looked so far away, or even unthinkable, and being here today I always try and enjoy it and have a good time. That’s all.”

Adidas VRCT Jacket - Legend Earth

Adidas VRCT Jacket - Legend Ink / Linen

Adidas VRCT Jacket - Black / Black / Real Gold

The Adidas VRCT jacket retails at 85 GBP, a quite high price. The jacket is available in three different color combos. Athletes can customize their VRCT jacket in store and online.

However, there is still a chance that the Three Stripes will bring out an Ajax third kit in 2019-2020 with similar colors. In fact, in early August 2019, Ajax CEO Edwin Van Der Sar hinted towards a potential third kit for Ajax, according to Dutch kit football jersey freak @FCKitGuru. We have no information if Adidas will release an Ajax third kit...

What do you think of the Adidas VRCT jacket? Would you like the Three Stripes to release an Adidas Ajax third kit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.