Top 10 - Best Kits of 19-20

It's this time of the year again. As the kit release season is in its dying breath, and just a handful of kits still to be released, here's our Top 10 of the best 2019-2020 kits.

10 - Sampdoria

While the brand is certainly not everybody's favorite - and we are no exception to this as our upcoming 'Worst Of' will show - Joma nailed the Sampdoria home shirt for 2019-20. Although that is to be expected for what is one of the most remarkable looks in world football and what the club describe as the "World's Most Beautiful Shirt."

9 - Barcelona Away

Apart from the horrific home shirt, Barcelona's set this season is actually quite decent. The away is the main reason for that and one has to ask why it took Nike so long to bring back the iconic and timeless look of the Blaugrana sash.

8 - Newcastle Third

Out of many stadium-inspired jerseys this season (Chelsea home, Dortmund third, Gladbach third, Marseille away to name just a few), Newcastle's third is the standout for us. Its unusual color combination works surprisingly well.

7 - Köln Third

Köln's 2019-20 third kit is unique - and in a good way. Plastered across the front of the dark blue shirt is a pattern of the famous Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral). After many years of overly simplistic designs, Uhlsport have gone all out on this one: the fans love it as shown by the very successful sales numbers.

6 - West Ham Home

Umbro have continued their excellent work at West Ham with the 19-20 set. The home shirt is an on-point homage to a classic, but the stylish away could have made just as well made the cut.

5 - Western United Away

Aussie club Western United have knocked it out of the park for their debut season. A great fit for the club's visual identiy and logo, the geometric design is loud without being obnoxious - and not even the addition of a main sponsor managed to kill it.

4 - Monaco Home

It only took Kappa one try to show Nike how the Monaco home shirt should look like. The 19-20 jersey is a great way to celebrate the brand's return to the club after almost 20 years apart.

3 - Düsseldorf Third

You can tell that Uhlsport have been serious about Düsseldorf's kit set this season, with all three designs featuring dedicated back stories and inspirations. The Düsseldorf third kit is our favorite, because its design is both simple and unique.

2 - Atalanta Home

Everything about this oozes class. Atalan's 2019-20 home shirt has a well-thought out approach to it and that perfectly manages to stay true to a classic while not becoming boring. It's a great fit for the club's Champions League debut this season.

1 - Arsenal Home

Adidas' return to Arsenal has proven a massive success in every way possible. The Arsenal 2019-20 home kit, which is a successful homage to the brand's first era with the club, is our favorite kit of the 19-20 season.

Next season will bring a big change and we can't wait to see it.

What do you think of our ranking? Who has made your Top 10? Let us know in the comments below.