UPDATE: Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Home Kit - What We Know

Update: A few days ago we obtained new pictures of the cap and scarf from the collection surrounding the Adidas Arsenal 19-20 home kit.

Both of the items quite heavily feature navy, which indicates that we will also see this color used on the actual kit. Of course this is no confirmation yet, but it's looking increasingly likely by the day.

Original article - 11 December 2018: A few days ago, the first pieces from the inaugural Adidas Arsenal collection got leaked. So, what exactly do they tell us about the Arsenal 19-20 home kit? Let's see.

Arsenal 19-20 Home Kit - How It Will Look Like

While there are no details leaked yet, the pictures of the cap and backpack from the collection can reveal some info as well.

Looking back at previous Adidas collections for the likes of Manchester United and Real Madrid (or any other of the brand's major clubs), we can see that the '3 Stripe Cap' in particular usually tells more than just a bit about specific aspects of the jersey it is based on.

The following three details can be confirmed from the cap for the Arsenal 2019-20 home kit:
  • The main color of the shirt - red
  • The application and colors of the club crest - regular (not monochrome)
  • The color of the Adidas 3 Stripes - white

There's also the backpack. For those, Adidas uses more than one template. Sometimes, they feature the colors of the training range, sometimes certain aspects of the shirt design - as was the case with the 2016-17 third kits. But in general they are less reliable.

In the case of the Arsenal backpack, what's interesting is the presence of navy, something we might also see appear on the actual kit.

Embed from Getty Images

Putting all of this together, we expect the Arsenal 19-20 home kit to be very classic, red with white sleeves and white 3 Stripes, either on the sides of the shirt or on the shoulders. There might be navy details, but if so we expect them to be used sparingly, maybe like on the iconic 1986 home kit.

What do you think? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below! Also make sure to check out the Kit Overview for more.