Top 10 - Worst Kits of 19-20

Earlier today, we shared our Top 10 football kits of the 2019-2020 season. However, while there have been many good kits, brands also released a a few many bad jerseys. Here are our Top 10 Worst kits of the 19-20 season.


It is easy to see that the large space on the front is only there to make space for the sponsor logos. But why Macron decided to interrupt the stripes 'at an angle'. It does not work, especially with the other parts of the kit being rather classy.


Southampton's 2019-20 home kit has many 'features' that destroy the striped look.


The colors combined with the new 2019 Volkswagen (VW) logo does just not work for Wolfsburg's Nike 2019-20 away kit - "(Product) Pictures reveal that it was designed without it by Nike", as we would headline.


Liverpool's 19-20 away kit is bad because of many reasons, including the navy logos and the pattern. English football magazine FourFourTwo perfectly describes why such a 'uninspiring' shirt is featured here.

"Bad kits usually fit into one of two categories: eyesore or naff. This belongs to the latter group, largely because of a curious grey pattern on the front that we can’t make sense of. It’d be fine – nice, even – without, no?"

There are many jerseys that have the same 'problems' as Liverpool's 19-20 away kit, including Bayern Munchen.

Manchester City

Manchester City's 2019-20 third kit is bold. Too bold for us, but the reason why it is featured is that it has NO interesting details - it is based on the same standard Puma template that is used by almost ALL Puma teams.


Kappa is known for their extraordinary football kits that are different to the streamlined jerseys of most other brands - the SSC Napoli 19-20 away jersey is not neat at all.


It is easy to see why the Atalanta kit is awful - and we will see it in the Champions League as well...


Le Coq Sportif is using the same template for all of their 2019-20 kits. The Saint-Etienne 19-20 3rd jersey in two tones of grey combines a melange effect with a modern, knit-armor like material on the top, which makes it look like a medieval knight equipment. It does not work for us.


Another kit from Spanish brand Joma that is looking anything but great. We do not know what Joma's designer was on when designing the kit, but that the design is not all-over the kit makes it not better...


Our least favorite kit of the 2019-2020 season - The HSV 2019-20 away kit is bad because of many reasons. It is looking awesome both on the release images and on-pitch, it has bad-looking sponsors and, possibly most importantly, it is based on that Adidas template used for dozens of team - the Adidas Tiro 19.

What do you think of our selection? Do you agree with the ranking of the 10 kits? Share your thoughts in the comments below.