16 Different Logos In One Season - When Atletico Madrid Changed Its Kit Sponsor Every Time A New Movie Came Out

In the 2003-2004 season, Spanish club Atletico Madrid had one of is still one of the possibly weirdest football shirts deals in world football. Atletico Madrid signed a sponsorship agreement with movie company Columbia Pictures, which saw them advertising and changing their main sponsor on their shirts whenever a new movie came out.

Atletico Madrid x Columbia Pictures 2003-04 Shirt Sponsor Deal - Changes Logo Whenever New Movie Come Out

Atletico Madrid had a large range of different sponsor logos advertising movies, including Bad Boys II, Peter Pan and Spider-man. In total, Atletico Madrid had 16 different shirt signed logos in the 2003-04 season, something that has been not reached by another big club until today.

As part of the sponsor deal, Nike and Atletico Madrid even created a unique Spiderman Kit for the release of the movie.

Below are all of the different movies Atletico Madrid promoted on the front of their jerseys in the 03-04 season.



Resident Evil

Hell Boy

Spider Man

White Chicks

The Punisher

Peter Pan

Big Fish


The Rundown / Tesoro Del Amazonas


Hollywood Homicide

Bad Boys 2

xXx 2 – The Next Level

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