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Argentina U23 Players Wear Strange, "Never-Seen-Before" Gadged On Boots - Here Is What It Is

Technology in football is developing likely faster than ever, with teams hiring experts fort all parts of the game. Now we have come across pictures of Argentina's U23 team wearing something that we have never seen before, at least in an official game. Let us find out what it is.

The Argentina U23 players wore a special black gadget on their boots in the ankle part. And while it might not clear at first glance what it is, a quick research gave us the answer - it is the innovative product of PlayerMaker.

PlayerMaker Boot Gadget: Coaching Tool for Football Teams

PlayerMaker is a performance insight product for football teams. It’s a complete coaching tool which tracks and analyses metrics for physical, technical, tactical and biomechanical data as well auto-tagging video for fast and easy analysis.

According to the company, the "unique motion sensors on a player’s boot provide a significantly larger dataset than any other product. They detect every ball touch and build accurate gait profiles – without affecting performance."

PlayerMaker also says that they "built the world’s largest football database over four years and used it to ‘teach’ our advanced machine learning algorithms to play football. They can determine football movements and handle unpredictable situations."

PlayerMaker is already used by many football teams globally, including Premier League teams such as Manchester City as well as many MLS teams.

It is particularly useful for smaller teams and whenever match stats are not tracked, so we think that was the reason why Argentina's U23 team was using it. We do not expect to see them at the highest senior level, e.g. in a Champions League final.

Do you want more info about the unique boot gadget worn by the Argentina U23 team? Have you ever seen something similar before? What do you think this tracking system? Do you think that it disturbs players? Share your thoughts in the comments below.