Fake vs Real Football Boots - Can You Spot The Fake?

Tuesday, 1 October 2019
Some weeks ago wrote about some of the most insane (fake) football boots that you can buy on some"dark" websites. However, those boots are rather the exception. It is much more common that fakers are selling actual boots that are not as easy to identify as fakes. Instagram channel @footballupdates4all made three comparisons between real and fake boots, asking their fans to spot the fake...

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Fake vs Real Football Boots - Spot The Fake

In all of the boots compared by @footballupdates4all there is one real product and one fake product. All the fake products are relatively easy to identify as fakes, even though the 'hardest' case might be not identifiable for people not into football boots.

Good indicators to spot are fake football boots are the colors and the effects on sole plates, which are not easy to replicate for them.


Fake On Top (No Swoosh)


Fake On Bottom (Mercurial lettering, bad effect on upper, bad upper & more)


Fake on Bottom (wrong colors on sole plate, too thick layer & more)

However, by far not all fake stores are uploading images of their fake soccer boots. In fact, many websites / or sellers on platforms like eBay are using images of the real boots while selling fake football boots . IN these cases, it is much harder to avoid buying a fake...

We always recommend to buy your football boots not on suspicious websites or platforms but in the brand's online store or trusted websites like Kitbag.com, Futbol Emotion and soccer.com.

Have you ever bought fake football boots? Comment below.
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