Amiens Puma Kits Feature Small Pocket On The Back - Here Is Why

While observing pictures of the match between French clubs SC Amiens and Olympique Marseille (both teams wore special pink elements on their jerseys to raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer), French boot and kit experts Footpack noticed something stange about SC Amiens' jerseys - they feature a small pocket on the back..

Amiens Kits Feature Pocket To Hold GPS Device

The reason why the Puma Amiens 2019-2020 kit features a small pocket is as simple as clever. The pockets are used for the GPS device that teams use to track each player's movement.

In fact, if you have ever watched a few football matches, you have necessarily seen players with bras that look like bras. These bras are equipped with a GPS device. With SC Amiens' trick, players do not need to wear those bras.

According to Footpack, the players did not have this at the beginning of the season. It just has been the case since the beginning of September. No other Puma teams in French Ligue 1 have it, so it almost certainly comes from the club and not from the supplier.

With a GPS device, teams track and gather vital data about the player’s heart rate, speed, and distance covered as well as movement.

Do you know any other teams that have a pocket in their kits to track the player’s movement? Share your thoughts in the comments below.