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No Adidas: Red Star Paris 2019-20 Third Kit Is Just Tatoo?!

French club Red Star FC has launched its new third kit earlier this week. And while this usually would be no big news as they are "just a French third division club", they have released a kit that is actually not a kit...

Red Star FC was founded in 1897 in Paris. The club is famous for its impactful marketing and its fanbase. Their 2019-20 kits are made by Adidas and sponsored by lifestyle magazine Vice.

Red Star FC 19-20 Third Jersey Is Tatoo To Affix On Heart

The Red Star FC 2019-20 third shirt is not a football shirt but just a tatoo. Sounds strange - yes.

"If in football fashion is the 3rd jersey, Red Star FC has decided to launch one in the line of its values. The Third Shirt is a tattoo to affix on the heart."

This comes a few weeks after a big controversy around the two jerseys 2019-2020 Red Star, which ditched the traditional & historical green and white colors in favor of a mixture of black and green on the home shirt and pink and black on the outer jersey.

The Red Star FC 2019-20 third kit, which is just a ephemeral tattoo, was given away for free in the club's stadium last match day. It is also available to buy in the club's online store - fans can pay what they want for it / select their price (at least 0,50 Euro).

What do you think of Red Star FC launching a 'tatoo' as third kit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.