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Red Star 2019-20 Home and Away Kits - Released in Street View

French club Red Star, based in Paris and just relegated to the Championnat National (third tier), today unveiled their new kits in a very unusual way - by showing them off inside Google Street View.

Red Star 19-20 Home Kit

This is the Red Star 2019-20 home shirt.

The Red Star 19-20 home jersey was created using miadidas (mi Tiro 17 template) and features the Tiro 19 pattern in a bespoke green-black colorway.

Red Star 19-20 Away Kit

This is the Red Star 2019-20 away jersey.

The away is taken straight from the catalog. It's the standard Tiro 19 template in pink and black.

What do you think of the Red Star home and away uniforms? Drop us a line below.