Worst-Ever Partnership? All 18 Liverpool Warrior Kits In History

If your are asking any Liverpool FC supporter about the club's worst-ever jerseys, the chance will be big that he or she will not reply with a certain kit but that he will just say Warrior. Why? Because Warrior Football even though had been the club's supplier for just three years they launched quite many extraordinary bad shirts. We take a look at all Liverpool FC kits Warrior ever produced.

Warrior Football, whose parent company was New Balance entered the soccer market in early 2012. They became Liverpool's supplier ahead of the 2012-13 season. However, already In early 2015, Warrior Football was killed off by parent company New Balance, who took over the deals of Warrior Football. There were many reasons for that decision, but one was certainly the brand's kit designs.

Liverpool FC Warrior Football 'Era' - 2012-2015

Not all Liverpool kits Warrior Football released were bad. In fact, their home kits were all not awful, and especially the first and second were rather classy. But whereas the home jerseys of Warrior for Liverpool were quite well received by fans, the away / third / goalkeeper kits were not popular a bit...

It started with two awful looking away and third jerseys in their first season (2012-2013), and only got better a bit in the following two years.

For us, there are three Warrior Liverpool kits that could make the Worst 3 In Liverpool kit history quite easily -the 2012-13 away & third as well as the 2013-14 third.

2012-2013 Liverpool Warrior Kits


2013-2014 Liverpool Warrior Kits


2014-2015 Liverpool Warrior Kits


Which is your favorite Liverpool away / third kit of the past 14 years? Which is your least favorite? Let us know in the comments below and check out the full Liverpool FC kit history on Football Kit Archive.