No More Climacool: In Depth: All-New Adidas 2020 Kit Technologies Revealed - HEAT.RDY vs AEROREADY

Update: With the new year having started, the time for the Adidas Climacool technology is over. Instead, there is now one main technology with four sub-technologies - AEROREADY - RAIN.DRY, HEAT.DRY, COLD.DRY and WIND.DRY. AEROREADY is the technology used for replica kits, while HEAT.DRY is used for authentic jerseys.

Adidas' new 2020 international kits introduce brand-new kit technologies in the form of 'HEAT.RDY' (authentic, £110) and 'AEROREADY' (replica, £70).

Out of the national team kits released so far, "only" Argentina, Colombia, Germany, Japan and Spain are available in the authentic 'HEAT.RDY' version. Even Belgium, the brand's most successful team at the 2018 World Cup, only received the lesser AEROREADY tech.

The last World Cup saw Adidas introduce the 'Climalite' (replica) and 'Climachill' (authentic) technologies, replacing 2014's Climacool and Adizero.

Let's first take a look at the new Adidas 'HEAT.RDY' in the form of the new Germany home shirt.

Adidas HEAT.RDY Kit Tech

The Germany Euro 2020 home jersey features the Adidas HEAT.RDY tech.

Adidas HEAT.RDY Jersey - Features

  • 100% polyester doubleknit
  • Breathable, air-cooling HEAT.RDY
  • Shaped hem
  • Heat-transfer crest

Adidas HEAT.RDY vs AEROREADY 2020 Kit Technologies

Just as before, the two versions of the shirt are different in several ways. For one, the material is 100% polyester doubleknit for the authentic edition, while the replica features uses a half-and-half polyester and recycled polyester doubleknit.

Next up, the shaped hem of the 2020 HEAT.RDY Adidas jerseys is even more accentuated than the one seen on the 2018 Climachill. In the case of kits that have the 3 Stripes on the sides, they don't go all the way on the authentic version now, further differentiating it from the 'takedown'.

Finally, the logos on the authentic Adidas jerseys are heat-transferred, while they are woven on the replica.

The Adidas HEAT.RDY shirts have a RRP of £110, while the replicas are £70. We will of course see these two technologies used on Adidas' club kits for the 2020-21 season. Only the first tier of clubs, including Arsenal, Juventus and Real Madrid, will receive the HEAT.RDY versions.

What do you think about the new Adidas kit technologies for 2020 onward? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.