Condivo 20 and Regista 20 Templates Join miadidas

Not yet available anywhere else, the Adidas Condivo 20 and Regista 20 templates, which are at the base of many of the brand's 2020 national kits, have recently joined the selection of designs available on miadidas.

Unlike the Graphic 20 template, which can be designed with almost 20 different and original graphic prints, both the Condivo 20 and the Regista 20 template are only available in their default form: Condivo 20 with its brush-stroke print on the front panel and Regista with its sleeve gradient.

All-New Adidas Graphic 20 Template Released - 18 Different Graphics

miadidas Condivo 20

The Condivo 20 template can be customized with 17 different base and graphic colors, allowing for almost countless different combinations. Unlike the catalog version, it's possible to use contrasting colors for the graphic, which creates an altogether different look than the default teamwear.

The Condivo 20 shirt retails at €60 on miadidas, with the matching shorts costing €50.

miadidas Regista 20

The miadidas Regista 20 template is available in the same set of colors as Condivo.

Retailing at just €40, the customisable miadidas Regista 20 template is quite a bit cheaper than the Condivo. There's no dedicated sets of shorts to go with the jersey.

    What do you think about Adidas' two major new templates for the 2020-21 season? Let us know your thoughts on Condivo and Regista in the comments below.