New Australia 2020 Logo Revealed - Finally Same Logo on Match and Replica Kits?

Australia will make its Copa América debut next summer with a new badge.

Designed by the Hulsbosch agency, the new Australia 2020 logo is more of a subtle redesign than a complete overhaul.

Australia 2020 Crest

This is the new Australia national team logo.

While all key elements are still there, the shapes have been simplified and, more importantly, recolored to just green and gold.

Overall the design is much less close to the Australia coat of arms, which famously is not allowed to be used on official merchandise. Although this was not officially confirmed just yet, we could see the new logo make it to the playing jerseys, too - bringing them in line with what's available to buy in retail.

The Matildas (women's team) shirt is already available to buy with the new logo, while it will make its way to the men's (Socceroos) shirt next year.

“Our community of fans enjoy a national pride like no other sport. The redesigned Australian crest is an important and welcome addition that’s simple and easily recognised on the international stage.” Said Jessica Laycock, GM – Marketing & Fan Engagement of Football Federation Australia.

Benni Weller, Creative Director at Hulsbosch said, “It’s been a huge honour to create Australia’s new coat of arms. Though the design evokes memories of the past, the new modern version reflects the bold spirit of the teams and their fans.”

What do you think about the new Australia logo, designed by Hulsbosch? Would you like to see it replace the coat of arms on the player jerseys? Comment below.