Our 10 Worst Boots Of The Decade

Continuing our series of the football stuff released in the last decade, today we take a look at some products that will be not remembered as game-changing - the 10 worst football boots released in the years between 2010 and 2019, starting with the best of the worst...

10 - Nike Phantom VSN & VNM

Many won't agree with the inclusion of the Nike Phantom VSN & VNM. However, we think that Nike won't be able to make the boots popular among players (especially compared to the very popular Mercurial and Tiempo). Both boots are not revolutionary at all - Nike could just bring back (modern version) of each the Total 90 & Hypervenom and would gain the praise of people, and also us.

9 - Adidas Nitrocharge

The first entry from Adidas. The Adidas Nitrocharge was designed for the box-to-box midfielder. However, while the concept itself of a boot that offers endless energy for probably the most important position in modern football, the cleat concept and the players wearing the boots just were not good for a hype. The boot itself also was not revolutionary. Discontinued after two years.

8 - Adidas "Football Revolution" - Adidas X, Adidas Ace & Adidas Messi

Replacing the iconic silos F50 Adizero and Predator, the Adidas Football Revolution had a crash landing. Adidas should have waited half and a year for the revolutionary laceless Adidas Ace - this would have made much more sense (the boots were as unpopular that Adidas bought them back from independent retailers, something that usually never happens).

7 - Adidas Copa Gore-Tex Mid

Released in 2018 shortly ahead of the launch of the cutting-edge design Adidas Copa 19+, the Adidas Copa Mid Gore Tex boots were voted the worst boot of 2018 by you, our reader. You see why.

6 - Puma Ignite High

Another extremely odd boot. This boot does not seem perfectly suited to play football with, to say the least.

5 - Nike Magista Opus 2 (old upper)

The Nike Magista Opus 2 football boot featured remarkable upper dots that look like a bad disease. The boot and its upper was really, really bad - the upper was changed during the lifespan of the second-gen boot - the much better fixed version was dubbed Nike Magista Opus 2.5 by us.

4 - Adidas Copa SL

The Adidas Copa SL boot is a perfect example for all brands for what they should not do - a synthetic! lightweight version of the most iconic (leather!) football boot in the game, the Adidas Copa Mundial.

3 - Nike Hypervenom II (bad upper that got fixed)

The next-generation Nike Hypervenom II shows off what happens if the first generation boot was... perfect. Nike very much changed the upper of the Nike Hypervenom with the second generation, something that was fixed after a few months.

2 - Puma evoSPEED SL

The Puma evoSPEED SL lasts only 10 games, which was officially stated on the outsole. We don't need to say more.

1 - Adidas Primeknit FS (WORST)

Adidas' answer to the revolutionary high-cut knitted Nike Magista Obra launch in 2014, the Adidas Primeknit FS was the oddest and worst "release" of any boot in the past decade for us. Showcased one day after Nike showcased its boot, the Adidas Primeknit FS was never launched to public...

Do you agree with the ranking of the 10 boots? Which is the worst soccer shoe released in the past decade? Share your thoughts in the comments below.