People's Choice: Your Best 10 Kits of the Decade

Wednesday, 25 December 2019
Roughly a week ago we asked you to chime in and name your favorite kit of the decade. Having gone through the results meticulously we can now give you the final results of the vote which, perhaps surprisingly, paint a pretty similar picture to what we had as our Top 10 before.

Votes such as these are always a popularity contest as well which means that we are seeing lots of mentions for Barcelona and Real Madrid - they were the decade's most successful teams after all with six of ten Champions League wins between them.

As for our methodology, we tried to 'translate' each entry to our best ability. For example, we counted votes that were just 'Nigeria' for the 2018 home since it was the only Nigeria kit that was named specifically in other responses. If someone named a list of teams we counted the first one / the one specified as #1.

But without further ado, here's the full ranking for the People's Choice Top 10 Kits of the Decade:

10 - Real Madrid 10-11 Home

9 - Arsenal 19-20 Home

8 - Real Madrid 14-15 Third

7 - Liverpool 17-18 Home

6 - Barcelona 14-15 Home

5 - Barcelona 10-11 Home

4 - Netherlands 2014 Away

3 - Germany 2014 Home

2 - Real Madrid 11-12 Home

1 - Nigeria 2018 Home

Our 10 Best Kits Of The Decade

What do you think about this selection? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below.
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