Puma PSV Eindhoven 20-21 Away & Third Kit Colors & Design Info Leaked

Besides what we know about the home, OFOBALL also shared bits and pieces about PSV Eindhoven's 2020-2021 away and third kits.

PSV 20-21 Home

Puma PSV 20-21 Away Jersey

This picture shows the colors of the new Puma PSV Eindhoven away jersey for 2020-2021.

The PSV 20-21 away football shirt, which will be 'team light blue' and white, will feature a soundwave graphic to celebrate the club's connection with local artists.

Today local artists love to identify themselves with PSV, and PSV embraces them in return. PSV connects; the sound-waves graphic on the away jersey expresses PSV's connection with the local music heros.

PSV 20-21 Third Shirt

This picture shows the colors of the new Puma PSV third football shirt for 20-21.

As for PSV's new 20-21 third jersey, it will be black and red.

Similar to the 17-18 away by Umbro, the Puma PSV Eindhoven 2020-21 third jersey will be inspired by the famous GLOW festival in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven is referred to as The City of Light, as Philips opened the first light bulb factory in 1891. The annual GLOW festival truly turns Eindhoven into a city of light. The red highlights in the graphic for the third jersey brings a salute to this popular festival.

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