Puma PSV 20-21 ̵A̵w̵a̵y̵ Goalkeeper Kit Leaked

Update: The leaked pictures of the teal Puma PSV Eindhoven 2020-21 kit are not showing the keeper jersey but PSV's 2020-21 goalkeeper kit. The actual PSV 20-21 keeper shirt will be Light Blue / White.

We were just sent a picture showing PSV's 2020-2021 goalkeeper strip. Thanks to Stephan for sharing.

PSV Eindhoven Announce Puma Kit Deal

Puma PSV 2020-2021 Keeper Jersey

The new Puma PSV goalkeeper jersey for 20-21.

The Puma PSV 2020-21 keeper shirt is predominantly teal with a hexagonal graphic on the front, based on the Puma Teamfinal 21 Graphic template.

The logos on the Puma PSV 2020-2021 keeper football shirt are black, which is different from the white that showed up in the leaked info last year. Since this is simply a teamwear-based design, it's of course very easy to imagine it being only finalized relatively close to the official release - expected for early July due to the supplier switch.

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