Same 'Wrong' Flag On Sleeves - Adidas Russia St.Petersburg Euro 2020 City Jersey Leaked

Tuesday, 3 December 2019
The first pictures of the Adidas St Petersburg Euro 2020 City Jersey have been leaked.

Adidas will release city jerseys for all host cites of the Euro 2020 as well as a few extra ones for cites that will not even host matches, including one for Paris.

Confirmed: All Leaked Adidas Euro 2020 City Jerseys + Info on Rest#

Adidas St Petersburg Euro 2020 City Jersey

This is the Adidas St Petersburg Euro 2020 City shirt.

Inspired by the kits of the Russia national team, the St Petersburg kit is mainly white with red and blue applications. The St Petersburg City Jersey is based on the same template as a few other Adidas City jerseys, including those of France (Paris) and Ireland (Dublin).

"That's the Serbian Flag": Russia National Team Refuses to Wear New Kit - Massive Fail for Adidas

Oddly or quite logically as it was designed at the the same time as the Russia EURO 2020 home kit, the Russia-inspired St Petersburg City jersey also comes with the same "wrong" flag colors on the sleeves - they show the Serbian flag colors, at least at first glance (“When fans support the team by clapping with their arms in the air, you’ll be able to see the Russian flag on the sleeves...")

Russia Euro 2020 Home Kit Released

The Adidas St Petersburg City Jersey will be released in April 2020.

What do you think about the St Petersburg Euro 2020 City jersey? Comment below.
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