Confirmed: All Leaked Adidas Euro 2020 City Jerseys + Info on Rest

Adidas will launch a collection of shirts dedicated to some of the cities that will host Euro 2020 matches across Europe next year. Having already shown you the Amsterdam and Dublin shirts, which are inspired by the Netherlands and Ireland national teams.

Although there's a total of 12 host cities, Adidas will only release jerseys for six of them. Besides Amsterdam and Dublin, there will be Adidas Euro 2020 city jerseys for Copenhagen (Denmark), London (England), Munich (Germany), Paris (France) and Rome (Italy). Paris is not even a host city, as pointed out by the guys in the comments below the article.


Inspired by Netherlands 1988: Spectacular Adidas Euro 2020 Amsterdam Jersey Leaked


Stunning Ireland-Inspired Adidas Euro 2020 Dublin Jersey Leaked


The Copenhagen jersey will be 'team power red', likely inspired by classic Denmark shirts.


The Adidas Euro 2020 London shirt will be white.


The Munich shirt will be black.


Adidas' Euro 2020 Paris shirt will be white.


Completing the set, the Rome city shirt will be 'team royal blue', hinting at an Italy inspiration. We can't wait.

The Adidas Euro 2020 city jerseys will be released in April 2020, retailing at €80.

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