All Adidas 20-21 Teamwear Kits Released - Full Overview

Adidas' new teamwear range is already available to buy and will be at the base of many kits for the 2020-21 season. Let's take a look at the full range, which includes three new templates in total (two player and one goalkeeper).

As with our Nike overview, we've added the recommended retail prices for the new templates. But, as always with teamwear, all of these can be found for much cheaper, even when buying just one.

In Adidas' case, the brand has also previewed another new template, 'Campeon 21', based on the Germany Euro 2020 home kit, which will only be available in July.

Adidas Condivo 20 Template - NEW - €50

The Adidas Condivo 20 template, which has already made a name for itself with several Adidas Euro 2020 kits being based on it, is Adidas' main novelty this year and available in a wide array of colors.

No More Primeknit: All-New Adidas Condivo 20 'Primeblue' Kits Leaked - To Be Used By Everyone In EURO 2020 & 20-21 Season

Adidas Condivo 20 Primeblue Template

In addition to the regular Condivo 20 template, Adidas has also launched two 'Primeblue' editions, featuring recycled plastic materials.

Adidas Regista 20 Template - NEW - €30

Also new this year, the Adidas Regista 20 template has been used for a few jerseys in Ireland this year already. It's nothing revolutionary and boasts a more or less subtle halftone gradient on the sleeves.

UPDATE: Adidas Regista 20 Template Leaked - To Be Used in 2020-21 Season

Adidas Tiro 19 Template

Adidas Campeon 19 Template

Adidas Striped 19 Template

Adidas Tabela 18 Template

Adidas Squadra 17 Template

Adidas Entrada 18 Template

Adidas Estro 19 Template

Adidas Adi Pro 20 Template - NEW - €70

The Adidas Adi Pro 20 template introduces a clean design and has already been used for all of Adidas' Euro 2020 goalkeeper kits.

Adidas Euro 2020 & 20-21 Goalkeeper Kit Template Released - AdiPro 20

Adidas Assita 17 Template

Are you a fan of the Adidas 2020 teamwear range? What do you think about the new designs? Comment below, and check out the 20-21 Kit Overview for more.