Abstract Cagliari Cagliari Centenary Logo Revealed - "Looks Like a Stamp"

Founded on 30 May 1920, Italian club Cagliari today presented its official centenary crest, which is a bit special.

Cagliari Centenary Logo

Created by Sardinian designer Antonio Marras, the Cagliari centenary crest is a very stylized version of the contemporary crest, including the Flag of Sardinia, the club's principal colors blue and red as well as the number 100. It looks a bit like a stamp.

Surprisingly, the Cagliari centenary logo was unveiled at the 'Pitti Uomo' international fashion show in Florence, together with the new official suits designed by Marras and produced by Lubiam.

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The designer had the following to say about his creation: "“I like challenges and I clearly felt that collaborating with Cagliari Calcio could have been an unmissable opportunity", said Antonio Marras. "I love Cagliari and its people, I love the tenacity, the courage and the generosity of Cagliari Calcio that tie them. The logo comes from the colours and the strength!"

Local sources have stated that we will likely also see the logo appear on Cagliari's match uniforms shortly.

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