Full Puma 2020-21 Teamwear Kit Collection Revealed - 10 Different Kits

With the new year having started, brands are revealing their new teamwear offering. Today we want to take a look at the new Puma teamwear jerseys for the 2020-2021 season.

Puma's new 2020 teamwear kits bring us three new jersey templates - the Puma teamFINAL 21 Jersey, the Puma teamFINAL 21 Graphic Jersey as well as the Puma teamGOAL 23 Jersey. The designs will be used by many of Puma's smaller teams in the 2020-21 season.

Most English Puma Teams Get Same Kit Template

The new high-end Puma 2020-21 football kit with the 'trademark' cut ventilation holes is not offered in the Puma 2020 Teamwear range.

INSANE: Puma Steals Nike Laser Cut Kit Technology From 2012

teamFINAL 21 Jersey - €35 - NEW

Puma teamFINAL 21 Graphic Jersey - €25 - NEW

Puma teamGOAL 23 Jersey - €18 - NEW

Puma Cup Jersey Core - €25

Puma Liga Jersey Hooped - €25

Puma Liga Jersey Striped - €25

Puma Liga Jersey - €20

Puma Liga Jersey Core - €15

Puma Cup GK Jersey - €40

Puma 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit

Puma Liga GK Jersey - €30

The new Puma 2020-2021 teamwear kits will be available from 1 February 2020 at least.

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