UPDATE: Neymar Trains In Mysterious Blackout Boots - All-New Nike Phantom GT?

Update: We were made aware of another image from the PSG training session during which Neymar tested an unreleased, blacked-out pair of Nike boots earlier this month. On it we can clearly see the Swoosh placement, which is different from any existing Nike models - which makes it more likely he was indeed trying out the upcoming Phantom GT.

PSG superstar Neymar already some days ago trained in totally blackout football boots. Let us take a closer look at them - Neymar was not the first Nike athlete to wear them...

Neymar Wears Same Blackout Boots As Hazard in Training - All-New Nike Phantom GT?

The boots worn by Neymar are totally blackout. They have a synthetic upper that appears to be quite thin but relatively stiff, a very low collar and no distinct tongue. The sole plate seems to be similar to the Nike Mercurial sole plate.

While it first seems like that Neymar was wearing a never-seen-before soccer cleat without any brandings, a closer look and a look in the past reveals that Neymar's blackout cleats could be the same as those used by Hazard in training in November 2018.

Eden Hazard Trains In Mysterious, Never-Seen-Before Blackout Boots

Both Eden Hazard and Neymar usually lace up in the Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 football boots. However, as the current-gen Nike Mercurial soccer cleats were just released half a year ago, it is possible that they were not testing the Mercurial but an all-new boot silo - the Nike Phantom GT.

The Nike Phantom GT is the all-new Nike Phantom boot silo that will replace the Nike Phantom VNM in Summer 2020.

UPDATE: Nike To Discontinue Nike Phantom VNM For All-New Phantom GT Boot

Stay tuned for more about the cleats worn by Neymar and Neymar in the coming months.

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What do you think of the blackout boots first worn by Neymar and now also by Hazard? Do you think these are the all-new Nike Phantom GT? Comment below and check out the Boot Calendar for all upcoming boot information and leaks.