PSV Eindhoven Debuts Longest-Ever Sponsor - Here Is Why

This Sunday, PSV drew attention in the match against Twente with a long text applied in place of its master sponsor, Brainport Eindhoven. Let us find out why.

PSV Kit Tells History Of The Club Founded By Philips

PSV kit sponsor Brainport Eindhoven is not a single company, but a cooperation of several big companies from the region of Eindhoven. Brainport is a joint venture of companies and universities specialized in technology and innovation, as if it were a "Dutch Silicon Valley".

PSV 19-20 Home Kit Released

The action of the sponsor text was named 'het verhaal achter ons shirt' (History behind the shirt) and extols the history of the Club, which was founded by Philips, one of the main companies in this region.

Brainport Eindhoven removed the name ‘Metropoolregio Brainport Eindhoven’ from PSV’s shirt for one time and will replace it with the ‘story behind the shirt’. Giving the partnership a world first with the longest print on a shirt ever.

The story behind the partnership between the Dutch top companies Philips, ASML, VDL Groep, Jumbo Supermarkten, High Tech Campus Eindhoven and PSV will be told in as many as thirteen text lines. Both current and former PSV players around the world have committed themselves to the story by signing this exclusive shirt.

PSV legends and ambassadors Ji-Sung Park (South Korea), DaMarcus Beasley (United States), Sun Xiang (China), Luuk de Jong (all the way from Spain), Kalusha Bwalya (Zambia), Ritsu Doan (Japan), Francisco Rodriguez and Carlos Salcido (Mexico) have already promoted this special campaign in the run-up to the match against FC Twente in the Philips Stadium.

“When I came to the Netherlands, I didn’t know much about Eindhoven”, says Carlos Salcido. “But I soon found out that it is situated in a very special region. In Eindhoven, things are being invented and manufactured that are used all over the world. That is something to be proud of”.

“Cooperation is in our DNA”
The five companies are sharing a huge challenge: to attract and retain talent. In addition, they want to jointly invest in the business climate of Brainport Eindhoven and in the health of the employees and residents that work and live here. To enhance the national and international appeal of the region. By means of PSV as the linking pin.

“This is the story of our football club PSV, our pride and joy. But this story also emphasises the strength of Brainport. Because cooperation is embedded in our DNA. This innovative partnership gives us the opportunity to show even more people what Brainport Eindhoven is all about”, says Paul van Nunen, Managing Director Brainport Development.

“The partnership between the five companies, Brainport and PSV is unique. We have been busy to flesh out this partnership since last summer. This campaign is the kick-off for a number of specific projects of which the results will become visible to all in the coming period.”

Metropoolregio Brainport Eindhoven

With effect from the 2019/2020 season, the Dutch top companies Philips, ASML, VDL Groep, Jumbo Supermarkten and High Tech Campus Eindhoven have committed themselves as premium partners to PSV. The name of the partnership is ‘Metropoolregio Brainport Eindhoven’. The companies have the ambition to jointly promote the Brainport Eindhoven region even more distinctly as world leader in respect of knowledge, high tech and innovation.

Text on The PSV Kit

The motto ‘Strength through unity’, or as we in Brabant say ‘Eendracht maakt macht’, is central in PSV’s story. This motto also emphasises the strength of this region. Our region. Because cooperation is embedded in our DNA. Philips already realised this more than 125 years ago. In the technology region Brainport Eindhoven, both thinkers and doers are smartly working together. There is no place on earth like Brainport Eindhoven, where so many new ideas are being born every day. Together, we invent and build complex machines and innovative products that make the world a better place. That is why we are called the smartest region in the world. While we are constantly seeking out even smarter ways to improve things, the world is looking at how we are doing that. Since Brainport Eindhoven is the place where we help each other move forward. Where companies create new jobs at all levels. A place we all want to contribute to in our own way.

PSV fans will be given the opportunity to win the shirt in a contest at

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