3 Adidas Predator Archive Boots Sent To Predator Enthusiasts - Only 2 Pairs of Each Worldwide?

Tuesday, 3 March 2020
Update: Gunt22 has received a clean whiteout version of the Adidas Predator Archive football boots from the Three Stripes. This means that there have been at least three different prototypes of the Adidas Predator Archive - black / red / white, blackout and whiteout.

In early 2020, Adidas launched a special edition 'mashup' version of the Adidas Predator football boot to promote the launch of the next-gen Predator 20, dubbed the Adidas Predator Archive. The boot looked insane but was not really well received by buyers - now Adidas sent two prototype Predator Archive soccer cleats to two of the most enthusiastic Predator fans there are.

Not Selling Out At All: Insane Adidas 'Predator Archive' 2020 Boots Released

The lucky guys who received the two special Adidas Predator Archive versions are Kempy (@thepredcollective) and Hinson (@thepredatorpro).

Adidas Sends Exclusive Predator Archive To Two Enthusiasts

The two new Adidas Predator Archive cleat colorways seem to be prototypes of the final product, at least the lettering "Sample" inside one of them suggests that. This possibly means that Adidas, while designing the cleat, had a few different options in terms of colorways - in the end, the Three Stripes opted for the colorful look.

Adidas Predator Archive - Black / Red / White

The first paint job is as Predatorish as a Predator can be. The boot combines the colors Black / Red / White, just as the OG Predator.

Adidas Predator Archive - Blackout

The second colorway is a simple blackout, similar to what Nike have done with a What The Mercurial boot released in 2018.

Adidas Predator Archive - Whiteout

The white version is whiteout with silverish elements.

These two Adidas Predator Archive models will not be released by Adidas to public. It is possible that these are the only ones Adidas ever produced, even though there might be some other prototypes as well and some for Adidas' own archive.

Do you like these colorways of the Predator Archive? Better than the one Adidas launched for public? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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