To Be Launched Shortly? Kappa Napoli 'Kombat XX' Kit Prediction

Having already released 'Kombat XX' for the likes of Monaco and Real Betis, it would surprise us if Kappa had not lined something up for Napoli, arguably the brand's biggest team.

While there is no leak or even confirmation of the Napoli 2020 Kombat XX soccer jersey yet, we've created a mock-up of how we expect it to look based on the two previously launched shirts.

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Napoli 2020 Kombat XX Kit

This picture shows our prediction of the Kappa Napoli 2020 Kombat jersey.

Our Kappa Napoli Kombat shirt prediction is as clean as the two that were unveiled thus far.

It's predominantly sky blue with a tonal Kappa logo on the right chest and the club badge placed opposite of it.

We expect Kappa to unveil a Napoli 'Kombat XX' jersey in the coming days. Stay tuned for an official confirmation and more details.

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