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LEAKED: Nike To Release SNKR Sox With (Leaked) Kit Designs

Nike will release sneaker socks with the designs of the upcoming 2020-21 jerseys, we can reveal. Introducing the Nike 2020-21 "SNKR Sox". Thanks to Ofoball for the images.

Nike SNKR Sox 2020-2021 - Boast Kit Designs

Dubbed the Nike SNKR Sox, the new Nike 2020-2021 lifestyle socks perfectly round off the look for the "full kit wanker", or, what is likely intended by Nike, for people who want to show their club support hidden with their business look. The SNKR Sox are available for most of Nike's biggest teams, including Barcelona, Atletico, Chelsea and Tottenham.

The leaked Nike SNKR Sox show off the leaked designs of Barcelona's black and gold away kit, the England Euro 2020 away kit and a few other jerseys.

The Nike 2020-2021 Kit design lifestyle socks will be available from the same time as the respective kit for around 12 USD.

Stay tuned for more designs of the Nike 2020 everyday kit socks.

What do you think? Did you know that Nike does release such products? Also check out the Kit Overview for more.