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Return of Striped Sleeves: Nike Striped Division IV Teamwear Template Released

Update: The Nike Striped Division IV teamwear template was finally officially released this month, and it means that very traditional striped home kits are an option again for historic clubs like Sunderland.

On February 5 2020, Nike announced that they are ditching the templates. However, there will be still Nike teamwear kits in the future. This is our first look at the updated striped Nike teamwear kit for 2021.

Nike Striped Division IV Teamwear Template

This picture shows the various colorways of the Nike Striped Division IV template.

Replacing the Nike Striped Division 3 shirt, the new striped Nike 2021 teamwear jersey ditches the raglan cut and adds stripes to the sleeves to create a much more traditional look. The stripes are a bit thinner than before.

The back of the new Nike Striped 2021 jersey is solid, unlike on the previous version which featured a bit of striping at the bottom. Long sleeve versions of the shirt are available as well.

Set to be available from January 1 2021, the new striped Nike Teamwear football kit retails at around 35 USD.

Let's hear your thoughts on the upcoming Nike Striped Division IV teamwear template in the comments below. Which teams do you expect to utilize it?