Update - Product Removed: Emilio Sansolini "Steals" Dilley Studio Watford Logo Design for Unofficial "Football Town" Shirt

Sunday, 5 April 2020
Update: Dilley Studio has tweeted that Football Town has removed the product in question after being contacted by them through email. We have been able to confirm that "The Hornet" is no longer available on the site.

"Football Town" is a store that specializes in 'unofficial' classy football shirts designed by none other than Emilio Sansolini, who has produced a number of viral graphics and even worked for EA Sports FIFA, for example.

Football Town recently launched its Watford shirt, dubbed 'The Hornet'. The shirt, which has a half-and-half design in black and gold, accompanied by red trim on the neck and cuffs, certainly looks extremely clean and classy.

However, as spotted by @ThomasJDesign on Twitter, the badge that's used on the unofficial Watford jersey is very similar to the one submitted by Marcus Dilley's studio for the recent Watford logo competition.

The stylish retro design was very popular and ended up winning the competition only to loose out narrowly in the hard-to-head against the original logo.

Watford Logo Vote Results Announced

As Thomas points out, the pattern on the wings in particular is practically identical.

Dilley isn't too happy about it either and has already contacted the brand about it:

Stay tuned to see how this story evolves.

Do you think the Football Town design by Emilio Sansolini is a rip-off of the Dilley Studio competition entry? Comment below
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