Insane Tottenham 21-22 'Pelican' Training Jacket Leaked

Nike will release a training jacket for North London club Tottenham that is anything but usual. It is set to launch in Summer 2021, designed for the 2021-22 season.

Tottenham 2021-22 Jacket

Check out Nike's Leipzig 2021-22 jacket below (pictures via Ofoball).

A look that is sure to stir controversy, this Nike Tottenham 21-22 jacket is dark navy, purple and volt. The feature that stands out is the front chin part of the jacket, which is Volt - this reminds us of pelicans. The Swoosh sits on Volt chin element of the jacket.

Another very interesting thing about the Spurs 21-22 jacket is the club logo - Nike created a circular, iridescent coat of arms that includes the club's crest.

This new Spurs 2021-2022 jacket is set to launch in late Summer 2021.

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