Perth Glory Steals Arsenal 2014-15 Kit Font

Sunday, 5 April 2020
Already in late February 2020, Australian club Perth Glory released special jerseys for their AFC Champions League debut. Now Ulrich Planer, Senior Graphic Designer Teamsport Apparel at Puma, has spotted that the kit's font is not unique but the same as the typeface used by Arsenal some years ago, when they first wore Puma jerseys.

Perth Glory 2020 AFC Champions League Home & Away Kits Released

Perth Glory Uses Arsenal 2014-15 Kit Font

A direct comparison between the Puma Arsenal 2014-15 and the Perth Glory 2020 AFC Champions League jersey typeface reveals that Perth Glory's font has been stolen from Arsenal's. The only difference is that Perth Glory's numbers come without the Arsenal crest on the bottom.

Even though Perth Glory's kits have been designed by Italian brand Macron, we are pretty sure that the Bologna-based company is not responsible for copying the font. Instead, we guess that Perth Glory did steal it - the font relatively well matches their AFC-exclusive sponsor, ‘Perth’, the Western Australian Government.

For their regular A-League jerseys, Perth Glory is using the streamlined A-League typeface.

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