Garish Umbro Bournemouth 20-21 Training Kit Revealed - Premier League Is Soon Back

English Premier League club AFC Bournemouth today revealed their new 2020-21 training jerseys. The club will wear the 2020-21 Umbro collection for the remaining training sessions of this season.

AFC Bournemouth 2020-21 Training Jersey

Check out Umbro's Bournemouth 2020-21 training shirt below.

The Umbro AFC Bournemouth 20-21 training jersey introduces a striking and fresh look. The Umbro AFC Bournemouth 2020-21 training football shirt is yellow with a blue graphic pattern on the front, while the sleeves are solid yellow.

The alternative version of the Umbro AFC Bournemouth 20-21 training football shirt is black with the design included within a stripe on the sleeves.

A blue / yellow long-sleeve shirt with the design on the inside of it completes the Umbro Bournemouth 20-21 training collection.

Bournemouth's new 20-21 training strip will be available from July 2020 likely.

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