How The First Kappa Fiorentina Kits Could Look Like - Based On Leaked Info

In mid-April 2020, the first information about the Kappa Fiorentina 2020-21 kits got leaked. Florence-based concept designer Francesco Caracciolo (@cesco11des) has imagined how Fiorentina's jerseys could look like next season.

No More Le Coq Sportif - Fiorentina To Sign Kappa Kit Deal - New Details

Kappa ACF Fiorentina 2020-21 Home Jersey

Inspired by the leaked info, the Fiorentina concept home kit comes with tonal Kappa logos on the sides and a celan style in general. The first concept is pretty simple, while the other is inspired by the 1983.

Concept Accuracy: 55%

Fiorentina 2020-2021 Away Shirt Jersey

The only thing we know about the first modern Kappa Fiorentina away shirt is that it will be white. The first concept away kit by Francesco Caracciolo is inspired by the 1983/1986 away kits of the club, while the other is inspired by the 1993-1995 away shirt.

Concept Accuracy: 20%

Kappa ACF Fiorentina 2020-21 Third Shirt

According to some leaks, Fiorentina will have a red third kit. Some say it could be inspired by Saint John the Baptist Cross, symbol of the Ghibellines. The concept designer also tried a different take on the halved shirt, which was the first design Fiorentina ever used.

Kappa Fiorentina 20-21 Third Kit Design Leaked - No More Le Coq Sportif

Concept Accuracy: 65%

Would you like the actual Kappa ACF Fiorentina 2020-21 kits to look like this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.