Kappa Fiorentina 20-21 Third Kit Design Leaked - No More Le Coq Sportif

The design of ACF Fiorentina's new 20-21 third jersey was leaked by Florence-based newspaper Firenze Viola. It is made for the first time by Kappa and will be worn in next season's Serie A campaign.

No More Le Coq Sportif - Fiorentina To Sign Kappa Kit Deal - New Details

In the the past few seasons, Fiorentina did not have a usual set of three Fiorentina's 2020-21 third strips (home, away & third) but a home the new ACF Fiorentina 2020-2021 third uniform as well as four away kits (for the four districts of Florence). With Kappa as new supplier, Fiorentina will returns to the classic three player jerseys: home (purple), away (white) and third.

Fiorentina 20-21 Third Shirt

This is the Fiorentina 2020-21 third jersey, made by Kappa.

The Kappa ACF Fiorentina 2020-21 third jersey is red with a white (or silver) cross, closely inspired by the flag of San Giovanni Battista (patron of the city), which was chosen by the Republic of Florence in the early twelfth century.

We expect the final kit to look a bit different to the drawing.

The Kappa ACF Fiorentina 2020-2021 third football shirt will be released after the 2019-2020 Serie A season is finished, but not before July 1 - the contract with Le coq Sportif expires on June 30 2020.

No More Le Coq Sportif - Kappa Fiorentina 20-21 Home Kit Info Leaked

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