Manchester United 20-21 Away Kit Inspired By Iconic 'Unknown Pleasures' Album Artwork?

The new Adidas Man Utd 2020-21 is having mixed reactions by fans after being leaked. Now various fans have noted that the kit resembles an iconic album cover artwork.

Man Utd 20-21 Away Kit Pattern Inspired By 'Unknown Pleasures' Album Artwork?

The Manchester United 2020-21 away kit has a "legacy green" base with a pattern design all over it. It is not known what inspired by the pattern, but the design is similar to the iconic artwork from 1979 album Unknown Pleasures by legendary Manchester band Joy Division.

The design of the Man Utd 20-21 away looks a bit similar to the 'pulsar waves' used on the artwork for the band's debut record.

However, everything is speculation as of now, and the exact inspiration for the Adidas Manchester United 2020-21 away kit is not known yet.

Stay tuned for more details about the Adidas Man United 2020-21 away kit and its inspiration in the coming weeks.

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