Carbon Fiber Plate: Next-Gen Adidas X Ghosted.1 Boots Revealed - 9 New Pictures

Update: A set of pictures of the completely new Adidas X Ghosted.1 2020 prototype boots has been leaked (thanks to Kevin Nguyen). They are the first to show off the carbon fiber plate and all the other details of Adidas' 2020-21 speed silo.

The highest quality pictures yet of the upcoming next-gen Adidas X boots surfaced just under an hour ago via @football_boots4.

The new pictures shows the SG version of the laced variant of the next-gen X, also known as Adidas X Ghosted.1. Slated for a release next month, the next generation of the Adidas X will not only adopt a new naming scheme but also bring a number of differences compared to the current gen.

Also worth noting is that the pictures show a player-exclusive all-black version of the boots that will not be available to buy. There will however be a mostly black colorway released as part of the 'Darkmotion' pack.

Best Look Yet: Adidas Players Train In Blackout Adidas X Ghosted Boots

adidas X Ghosted.1 - Features

  • Carbon fiber speedframe: ultra lightweight construct with revolutionary carbon fiber insert in the forefoot allows for more efficient power transmission when accelerating and sprinting, providing a real performance benefit. New stud configuration is optimized for acceleration.
  • Minimalistic collar: taking away all that's not needed. The minimalistic low-cut collar provides maximum freedom of movement around the ankle.
  • Fluroskin: lightweight material composite that molds around the foot like a second skin. The thin material comes with a revolutionary semi-translucent optic and allows for direct ball touch,
  • Faster branding: inspired by the wings of the peregrine falcon in attack mode . The branding features a fade from precision to blur – there one second and gone the next.
  • Sprint spike silhouette: no need to get ready you can just go. The newly engineered last with a slight toe spring puts you in a sprinter stance.
  • 3d molded heel: 2 cushion inserts provide comfort and lockdown to prevent hell slippage. A new innovative slit in the middle of the heel allivates pressuresure on the achilles tendon.
  • Laced vacuum fit: new tongue material provides easier step in while the laced construction allows for personalised vacuum fit.

Laceless Next-Gen Adidas X Ghosted 2020-21 Boots Leaked - Official Pictures

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