Best Look Yet: Adidas Players Train In Blackout Adidas X Ghosted Boots

Update: DC United's Edison Flores has given us the best look at the Adidas Adidas X Ghosted.1, the laces variant of the new Adidas X 2020-2021 cleat.

Update: Tottenham's Son Heung-min gives us the best look at the sole plate of the Adidas X Ghosted football boots yet, while Celta Vigo's Jonny Otto trained in the Adidas X Ghosted.1 boots, just without laces...

Update: TRUsox has shared what is likely the best look yet at a blackout prototype of the next-gen Adidas X Ghosted - seen here on the feet of Lazio striker Ciro Immobile.

Update: Fiorentina's Patrick Cutrone has become the next player to test the next-gen Adidas X Ghosted+ football boots in training.

Patrick Cutrone Trains in Adidas X Ghosted

Update: AZ Alkmaar's Myron Boadu has become the next player to train in the laceless Adidas X Ghosted football boots. His boot feature some grass on the upper and the sole plate, which makes them look mysterious at first glance. Thanks to @bootsculture for some of the pics.

Myron Boadu Trains in Adidas X Ghosted Boots

Two months after Gabriel Jesus gave us the first look at the new Adidas X Ghosted+ football boots in blackout, FC Bayern Munich midfielder Michael Cuisance has also trained in a blackout version of Adidas' new laceless Adidas X 2020-2021 soccer cleat.

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Cuisance Trains In Blackout Adidas X Ghosted+ Boots

Looking exactly the same as the boots worn by Gabriel Jesus, Cuisance's blackout Adidas X Ghosted+ cleats have a laceless upper (Laceless vacuum fit with new 4-way stretch material) and a sole plate with a carbon fiber insert in the forefoot.

Other features of the Adidas X Ghosted+ cleats include a 3D molded heel and Mirageskin, "a ultra lightweight material composite that molds around the foot like a second skin".

Adidas X Ghosted+ - Features

  • Carbon Fiber Speedframe: Ultra lightweight construct with revolutionary carbon fiber insert in the forefoot
  • Laceless vacuum fit: a new 4-way stretch material allows for easier step in and provides secure lock down. The boot fits snug around foot allowing for a vacuum fit experience
  • Mirageskin: ultra lightweight material composite that molds around the foot like a second skin. The thin package comes with a revolutionary translucent optic and allows for a crisp and direct ball touch, tailored wireframe support structures provide stability.
  • Minimalistic low-cut collar provides maximum freedom of movement around the ankle
  • 3d molded heel: 2 cushion inserts provide comfort and lockdown to prevent heel slippage. A new innovative slit in the middle of the heel alleviates pressure on the Achilles tendon.
  • Sprint spike silhouette: newly engineered last with a slight toe spring
  • New stud configuration is optimized for acceleration
  • Faster branding: inspired by the wings of the peregrine falcon in attack mode
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The Adidas X Ghosted 2020-21 soccer cleats will be launched in July 2020.

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