Same Designer as Nantes: New Stade Reims Logo Revealed

French club Reims today unveiled its new logo, which brings a clean and modern look in line with a few recent football rebrandings like Juventus and Nantes.

It's no surprise that the new Stade Reims emblem was designed by the same agency, Leroy Tremblot, that did last year's Nantes rebranding - which definitely has a similar vibe.

This redesign aims to bring modernity to France's first major club - Reims won six Ligue 1 titles between 1949 and 1962.

Instead of the previous roundel design, the new logo is free-flowing and features the club's initials at the center. A crown can be seen above the 'SR', while the team name is written below it.

Jean-Pierre Caillot, President of the Stade de Reims: "The creation of a new graphic identity meets several objectives for the club. First of all, it was a question of modernising a logo that dates back twenty years or so and whose markers have aged. Then, at the dawn of the 2020-21 season, which marks the 90th anniversary of the Stade de Reims, the challenge was to display an iconic coat of arms on the background and an avant-garde design that takes up historical and cultural codes and allows the Stade de Reims to stand out in its universe. For a long time, we dreamed of updating the logo that made the reputation of the Grand Reims with the bottle of champagne, but the legal exploratory work led us to rule out this possibility. The teams then endeavoured to start from a blank page, while drawing on the club's roots. I'm thinking of the crown, the letters S and R, which echo the original club coat of arms, the first one worn in the 1930s. In that sense, this emblem is meant to be the link between our history and our future. A future embodied by the new generations who will be able to appropriate a logo that resembles them through its modernity. »

Mathieu Lacour, General Manager of the Reims Stadium: "Beyond a logo, we have built a brand territory. From the Raymond Kopa lifestyle centre to the Academy, the club now relies on a coherent and transversal brand universe. The approach of the project group, which worked on this strategic project for a year and a half, was to come up with a modern logotype, but with a symbolic touch. The integration of the main portal of Reims Cathedral as the base for this new emblem is an illustration of this. This graphic ensemble combines the historical dimension of a club anchored in its city, while spreading the idea of modernity that characterizes the Stade de Reims. A "House of Football" that cultivates tradition and ambitions. »

"While the graphic design is undeniably more modern, we wanted the elements that make it up to convey the same symbols. The colour remains unchanged, the acronym SR remains the symbol of the club's name and the cathedral the inspiration for the curves. From the ball we kept the pentagon, the central jewel in the crown and an emblematic figure of the sport," explains Dominique Jubert, General Manager of Leroy Tremblot.

Concepts by Saintetixx

French graphic artist Saintetixx already produced a set of Reims 20-21 kit concepts.

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