All-New Iceland Crest Explained

Thursday, 2 July 2020
The KSÍ (Football Association Of Iceland) yesterday revealed their new Puma 2020 home kit and their all-new visual identity. Today we take an in-depth look at the all-new Iceland football branding.

Puma Iceland 2020 Home Kit Released + All-New Iceland Crest + Away Kit Info

Unlike before, the KSÍ will have two distinctive trademarks, one for the association and one for the national team.

The new KSÍ branding has been created by Icelandic design agency Brandenburg, who are based in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

Football Association of Iceland Logo

Already launched in February 2020, the new KSÍ logo features a more modern and powerful look than the previous one. The colors are also much more saturated - all to "adapt better to KSÍ's varied contact surfaces and stand strong on the field in any digital use that becomes increasingly cumbersome".

New Iceland KSI Logo Revealed

Iceland National Football Team 2020 Logo

The new Iceland crest boasts a unique yet modern and remarkable look. The elements of the Iceland crest looks pretty randomly at first glance, but they are indeed not.

Instead, the new Iceland kit crest is made upon four mythical creatures from folklore that protect Iceland - it features stylised representations of a dragon, a bull, a griffin and a giant within a diamond shaped design.

The Bull: (Griðungur) : protector of northwestern

The Eagle: (Gammur) : protector of northeastern

The Dragon: (Dreki) : protector of southeastern

The Rock- Giant (Bergrisi): protector of Southwestern

The 4 figures are spirits described in Old Norse sagas and pagan tradition known as Landvættir (Land Wights) that feature prominently on the Icelandic coat of arms and can also be found on the back of their coins.

Traditionally, football logos are based on a shield. Iceland's is not. Traditionally, football logos are based on a shield. The tradition originates from a time when knights carried their coat of arms. Iceland national teams’ logo does not refer to knightship but our history, nature and heritage.

The new Iceland 2020 national team logo is set to feature on all football kits and other merchandising/ stuff of the Iceland national soccer team.

Together with the all-new crest, the Football Association of Iceland Logo also launched a new typeface.

"To strengthen the trademark, a bespoke typeface was created, with unique lower case letters. The typeface draws inspiration from Icelandic crafts and the result is a distinctive blend of old traditions and modern styles. The font will play a key role in implanting our logo and image in the minds of people around the globe."

Share your thoughts in the comments below and find out all about the new Iceland 2020 national team crest on the dedicated website of the KSÍ.
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