Burnley 20-21 Home Kit Released - Inspired by the '100 Year Heroes'

Update: The Burnley FC 2020-2021 home kit is now available in the club's online store. We added product pictures of it as well pictures of the Burnley 2020-21 goalkeeper home kit.

The new Burnley FC 2020-21 home uniform was just unveiled by the Premier League club, taking inspiration from the the Burnley 2020-2021 home kit worn by the 1920/21 squad.

1920-21 Burnley worn the league and remained unbeaten over 30 games, a record that would stand for 80 years.

Burnley 20-21 Home Kit

Check out the Burnley FC 20-21 home football shirt below.

Burnley's 20-21 home shirt features the traditional maroon and sky blue colors of the club. The Umbro Burnley FC 20-21 home shirt has a unique construction as the blue sleeves sit lower on the arm than usual.

The Burnley 20-21 jersey has a unique collar that aims to recreate the style from 100 years ago. On the back under it is three-color 'Legs, Hearts, Minds' tri-color stripe in claret, white and sky blue.

The Burnley FC 2020-2021 jersey gets coupled with white shorts and claret socks.

Burnley 20-21 Goalkeeper Home Kit

The new Burnley 2020-21 keeper kit is green.

The Burnley 20-21 home kit is available since August 17.

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