First By Hummel: Everton 20-21 Pre-Match Shirt + Walkout Jacket Released

The Hummel Everton FC 20-21 pre-match football shirt as well as the 20-21 anthem jacket were released recently. Made by Hummel, it will be worn for the warmup before 2020-21 Premier League games.

Everton 20-21 Pre-Match Football Shirt

This is the new Hummel Everton pre-match jersey for 2020-2021.

Based on Hummel's new pre-match template, the Hummel Everton 20-21 pre-match football shirt combines a blue body with white sleeves. The front boasts a modern three-color rectangle graphic design.

Rounding off the modern look are two Hummel Chevrons on the shoulders area of the Hummel Everton 2020-2021 pre-match football shirt.

The Hummel Everton FC 20-21 pre-match football shirt retails at fair £40 (€44).

Hummel Everton 20-21 Walkout Jacket

White and blue, the Hummel Everton 2020-2021 anthem jacket has a modern and clean approach.

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