Kit Design: Real Madrid 20-21 Third Jacket Leaked

A bold third-inspired jacket from Adidas for Real Madrid CF third kit was leaked. It is made by Adidas and will be worn in the 20-21 Champions League.

Adidas Real Madrid CF 2020-2021 Third Jacket

This is the new Adidas Real Madrid third jacket for 20-21.

The Adidas Real Madrid CF 2020-21 third football jacket boasts a modern design in black and pink with white logos. The Adidas Real Madrid 2020-2021 third football jacket comes with a graphic pattern closely inspired by the Real Madrid 2020-21 third kit.

In contrast to the kit, the Adidas Real Madrid 2020-2021 third football jacket has monochromatic white logos.

Adidas Real Madrid 2020-2021 Third Jersey

The adidas Real Madrid 2020-21 third football shirt is predominantly black, combined with pink for the Adidas logo, Real Madrid crest, and Adidas stripes along the sides.

EXCLUSIVE: Real Madrid 20-21 Third Kit Leaked

Available from August 20, the new Real Madrid 2020-21 third jacket retails at 90 Euro (90 USD).

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