Ochoa's Cheap Takedown Nike Mercurial Boots Break After 14 Months

Club America faced Chivas in the semifinals of the Copa GNP por Mexico this week. Chivas beat Club America 4-3 in the friendly tournament with which Mexican soccer resumes - but it were the goalkeeper boots of Guillermo Ochoa that caught our attention.

Ochoa's Takedown Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Pro Cleats Break In Copa GNP por Mexico Semi-Final

After the match against Chivas, Guillermo Ochoa took off his shoes. While this is nothing to note usually, an image reveals that the sole plate of Ochoa's left shoe has been broken. It was the first time that we saw this happen in professional football.

We are pretty sure what caused this error with his Nike Mercurial Vapor Euphoria pack cleats.

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Ochoa wore a takedown version of the last-gen Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 boot, the Nike Mercurial Vapor 12 Pro for 120 Euro. He has been using the same cleats since more than 14 months according to Mexican boot experts @abcdefutbol.

UPDATE: Mexico Goalkeeper Ochoa Wears Takedown Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 Boots

We now expect Guillermo Ochoa to switch to the red Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 football boots from the Future Lab pack that he has been also using this year. He is wearing the standard retail version of the high-end Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Elite football boots.

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The first editions of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 boots did also have a problem with "broken" sole plates. But as the two sole plates of the high-end and second-best Mercurial 360 boots cleats are totally different the error is not related.

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