Oddly Similar: Castore Rangers 20-21 vs Hummel 19-20 Home Kits

Sunday, 5 July 2020
On July 1, 2020, new British sportswear brand Castore released their first-ever football kit - the Rangers 2020-21 home jersey. It was much appreciated by fans of the club for its stylish yet classic Rangers design - however, the design of the Rangers 2020-21 home uniform is not really fresh...

Castore Rangers 20-21 Home Kit Revealed

Hummel Rangers 19-20 Home Jersey vs Castore Rangers 2020-2021 Home Jersey

The Rangers 20-21 home kit combines the main color blue with white and red details, just as the Hummel 19-20 home kit. A direct comparison shows off that many elements are very similar, especially the white-red-white collar and sleeve cuffs.

Designed By Emre Gultekin - Are The Leaked Castore Rangers 20-21 Kits Real?

In fact, the Glasgow Rangers 2020-21 home kit was not designed by Castore but by Emre Gultekin, a designer originating from Turkey who now works for Fanatics in London.

The logo of Rangers is also identical on the Hummel and Castore jerseys, a clear indicator that both kits come with much help from the club.

Castore Copies Nike Kit Elements For Rangers 20-21 Home Kit

However, the Rangers FC does not only have similarities to last season's Hummel jersey but also copied two elements of Nike kits - the collar and the back panel design.

Castore's Rangers FC 2020-2021 home kit is a Nike x Hummel shirtAll in all, it can be said that the Rangers FC 2020-2021 home kit is a Nike (template) x Hummel (design) shirt.

Do you like the Castore Rangers 20-21 home uniform? Share your thoughts in the comments below and find out all about next season's 2020-2021 kits in the Kit Overview.
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